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Most of the general public knows that for a healthy pregnancy a mom should eat healthy and not drink or smoke or lift heavy things. If you’re doing those things then wonderful! However if you’re like me and you would like to take a step further…

EMFs are electromagnetic fields. They are a form of radiation that comes from microwaves, cellphones, laptops ect. These are harmful for us generally but even more potentially dangerous to a developing fetus. http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?p=5380 [fetus-asthma link]

Unfortunately there isn’t much research on the subject and some scientists will even deny that EMFs are harmful whatsoever. Keep in mind that research proving that cell phones give you brain tumors would be catastrophic for many large companies and potentially for our economy in general. [Can you say Apple?] http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/161960.php

EMFs are scary because they are all around us but we do have ways to protect ourselves. goingscalar.com is a great website. If you call customer service a very sweet lady will contact you back and talk to you about which products are best for you. If the price seems a bit steep you can go to amazon or ebay and get most of the same items for cheaper. I wore my scalar pendant before pregnancy but it isn’t proven safe to wear during so it’s hanging on my bedside. I purchased scalar EMF stickers to put on my cellphone and laptop to protect the baby.http://www.amazon.com/FusionExcel-Energy-Quantum-Shield-Cell-Appliance-Protection/dp/B00455F45C/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1370909051&sr=8-5&keywords=scalar+emf+stickers

I want to protect my baby the best I can so that he/she will have the best chance to develop to his/her fullest potential.