No one system of cloth diapering will work for everyone…but I’m going to keep track what I’ve tried and what worked and didn’t work for me!



Charlie Bananas


The diaper: pocket with a microfiber insert

Fit: Fit my daughter from 6lbs to about 9lbs but

Leaks: at about three weeks old [9lbs] she started blowing out and leaking through

Price: $40 for 3 new but I got them used for $5 each


Infant prefolds snappis and pockets:

The diaper: The Old Fashioned: a three folded cotton rectangle of fabric, angel wing fold is great for newborn poop and older babies can have the diaper folded and placed inside of a waterproof cover. When you change them if the cover isn’t poopy you only need to change the prefold. Green mountain diapers are a great brand for the prefolds and we used thirsties, burberry and kawaii covers


Fit: the preemies fit well for the first couple of weeks and then we switched to pockets. There are different size guidelines online. They take a little practice but are trim and seem comfortable. They fit when nothing else seemed to on my little 6 pounder.

Leaks: Never, the cover catches everything

Price: Very economical, can be purchased used at a steal or at a reasonable price new kawaii [luvyourbaby.com] newborn covers are $5-$10 [you’ll need 8-10] and the prefolds can be purchased at greenmountaindiapers.com for about $25 a dozen


Kissaluvs fitteds:***

The diaper: a fully cloth diaper that is “fitted” to snap around your baby. Can be used around the house to let a baby bum breathe or with a cover [see covers above] for everyday wear. We LOVED these for the newborn stage. So easy, never leaked, simple. Favorite


The fit: Size 0: Fit from when we got them at 8lbs [would have fit smaller] to about 12lbs when she got too wide. They seemed comfortable and weren’t too bulky

Leaks: They were still absorbing well when she grew out of them, holds newborn poop well. Many moms swear by fitteds and use them for nighttime because they absorb so well

Price: fitteds are the most expensive type of diapers. I lucked out on these for $7 each but they go for $15 and other brand fitteds go from $10 to up to $50 a diaper!



Bumgenius 4.0 [cottonbabies]

The diaper: Microsuede pocket diaper with a microfiber insert that snaps down to different sizes [helpful]. Bumgenius is the name to beat in cloth diapers. They are the most popular brand and it isn’t hard to see why. These diapers are known to last and last through multiple years and babies

The fit: They were bulkier then I would have expected on a little baby. They fit from around 12lbs but she looked a bit silly. At 15lbs when she was 2months they look fine though. Very comfortable

Leaks: None yet, we use these with a doubler for overnights

The price: About $17 new but they have great sales and if you catch a “seconds sale” then you get diapers with imperfections that you would never see for a huge discount. cottonbabies.com


Flips [cottonbabies]***

The diaper: Essentially just a cover but it’s made by bumgenius so the quality is there, it’s essentially a 4.0 without the lining. There is a flap at both ends of the diaper to hold the insert in place. It is meant to be used with a trifolded prefold or the flips branded inserts [staydry or disposable]. These are our go to diapers. We lovelovelove


Fit: perfect. Not too bulky. The flip stay dry inserts have a fold in them to fit any size but when it’s folded to a small the extra flap can leave a little bulk


…so for us the ozocozy better fit prefolds are magic, they’re just long enough without having extra fabric

Leaks: nope never ever

Price: About $15 but same deal as the 4.0s there are seconds sales and they also are pretty easy to find used


The diaper- microfleece pocket diaper with a microfiber insert.


Fit- They seemed very comfortable. Not very trim. Fit my daughter starting around 12lbs [but bulky] and fit big toddler twin boys that were 30+lbs, I would say better for bigger babies. [They snap down to be smaller]

Leaks- no blow outs but when it reached the wet capacity it would begin to leak through [as would any diaper] GREAT for heavy wetters overnight if you double up the inserts

Price- Price is right! With sales and free shipping you can get the cost down to $5-$7 a diaper luvyourbaby.com



The diaper: Microsuede with a microfiber insert/ microfiber bamboo insert, very similar to Kawaii in quality but has loads of cute prints! Happyflute and sunbaby are essentially the same diaper only sold from different sellers with different labels


Fit: smaller then Kawaiis, trimmer also, but I’ve heard they max out early and aren’t great for heavy wetting toddlers

Leaks: we have leaks occasionally but it depends on the inserts you use with them as well, the bamboo holds more


More reviews to come!