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What worked for toddler twins with a HE Washer:

When changing we would take the inserts out of the pockets and put into a trashcan lined with a planetwise wet bag. If the diaper was dirty rotten we used the bumgenius diaper sprayer that we had attached to the toilet [very easy to install] and rinsed the bulk of the poo into the toilet before we put it in the wetbag. Whenever the bag was full [every 2-3 days or so] I would take the whole thing and put it in the wash.

We had a HE washer and used Charlie’s detergent. I washed on warm with an extra rinse cycle. Then I would line dry the diapers and dry the inserts on a medium heat [too hot can effect absorbancy]. Then stuff and ready to go!

This worked great most of the time…and if the diapers still smelled a little funky then I would run them again…when I noticed that the diapers were beginning to smell or leak then I knew that it was time to strip/disinfect them. It’s good to do this once a month.

Different diaper manufactures recommend different systems to strip their diapers. For Kawaii I used the sanitize setting with vinegar to wash the[clean] inserts; microfiber inserts are known for holding in odors sometimes. For the covers I would use a bucket of hot water with baking soda and submerge the [clean] diapers until the water cooled. Then I would dry in the sun if possible.

**[edited below]Stripping is necessary usually because of detergent buildup. The easiest way to strip diapers is to keep washing them alternating warm and cold cycles until there are no bubbles in the washer.

Storage:  We pre-stuffed our diapers and stored them in shelves hanging over the door.


This time around I’ve done my research. Stripping shouldn’t be necessary if you have a good wash routine!

We store our diapers in a hanging zippered wet bag and wash every 2-3 days

We have a regular old top loading washer and we have hard water- I throw all of the diapers in with biokleen detergent [I’ve heard tide powder is good] and 1/2c of borax [for the hard water] and wash on heavy with a cold rinse…that’s it. Sometimes if I’ve left them for longer then I would like before washing I’ll do a cold pre-rinse.

I throw everything in the dryer on low or on sunny days or days when I have time for the extra step I’ll hang them on the line [line drying will keep your diapers longer and sunning cures all stains]



We had a yeast rash and had to research the real [and sad] way to strip. 1/2c bleach and cold water in your washer [or the tub] and soak for 1 hour, then rinse cold. Then wash on hot with detergent to get all the bleach out. It may still smell a bit but bleach breaks down with the salt in the detergent and hot water.